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About us

Esteamz Ent. was established in 2000, by Mr. Steven “Stylez” Dickens, a young man with hip hop in his heart. Coming from the late 80’s and mid 90’s era when hip hop was pure and fun. Stylez lived through true hip hop and seen that generation with some of the best rappers. With his love of hip hop and with the inspiration of keeping the music the same as the music he was brought up on, he put together an Indie label while he was property of the state ward. Being incarcerated gave him time to think of ideas of how to bring his label to life.

Mic Blast was a young rapper on the big yard, that had flow for days. Not only was he nice with the craft, but he gave you that taste of the 90’s era flow. Blast was the first artist on Esteamz, then came Greg South, a young brother with Stylez type DNA.

With Greg being the 2nd cousin of Stylez, that flow was a part of his up bringing also. Being from New Jersey, and raised in the south, he had a unique type of sound. A little “gritty city” mixed with the “dirty south” flow. He is just a “natural star”. He was signed to the label in 2005.

Tone Capone came right after South and brought a straight “playa flow” to the pot. Last up to the plate, an R&B artist straight outta New Jersey who called himself Lace Lavon, with the writing ability of Neo and R.Kelly, but not quite as developed. He put the soul in the pot and made the flavor come out. “Tasty” is his first hit single.

There’s more artists in affiliation with Esteamz, like “Family First”, “Carolina Clip”, and “GullyMac”. Esteamz is a way of life, the way you feel about yourself, what you think of yourself.

Without Esteamz you have nothing to live for, you might as well hang it up, cause you’re dead anyways.
With Esteamz you feel better about everything you do in life, making you “PROSPER IN LIFE”.

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Steven Dickens

My name is Steven Dickens, originally known as Stylez, and I am the C.E.O of ESTEAMZ ENTERTAINMENT. I have discovered three of the hottest artist in the streets to represent my label


Tone Capone

Tony “Tone Capone” Dickens They say everything comes around full circle…hence what goes around comes around.. I’ll let you decide Tony “Tone Capone” Dickens was destined for stardom.

Greg South

Greg South “History in the Making” North Carolina come on and take your shirt off and spin it round your head like a helicopter.

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Soul Glow

Mr. Go Hard


First Lady

lace lavon

R & B Don

baby bubba

Fire Spitta

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